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The 2019 Commercial CE Events

Commercial Gateway is offering a commercial-focused Legal Update I & II program on October 25 for only $80 with lunch included.
(Click here for more information).

Or you may sign up for the full program and attend all of the events below for only $149. Many of the events are produced in cooperation with Bisnow and will be held at different locations.

Here's how it works: Sign-up for the series, select the events that are of interest to you, and attend the programs that you need to complete your TREC required CE. This is a 75% discount off the retail price of the individual ticket prices. (Click here for more information).

  • Apr 17: The Future of Uptown (2 Hours CE – TREC approved)

  • May 1: Houston State of the Market (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • May 30: The Future of Springwoods & Grand Pkwy (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • June 4: The Future of East Downtown (EaDo) (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • Aug TBD: Office Market Overview (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • Sep TBD: Montgomery County Overview (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • Oct 25: Commercial-Focused Legal Update I & II (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

  • Dec TBD: Capital Markets (2 Hours CE – TREC pending)

(1) Produced in cooperation with, Locations TBD, check for more details.
(2) Legal Update offered at the new West Loop Amegy Bank Building, 9th floor conference center

For more information, please call (713) 629-1900 ext. 363.

Dr. Mark Dotzour Sees Zero Chance of a Recession in 2019

While talk in some quarters has focused in on an economic downturn in 2019, real estate economist Dr. Mark G. Dotzour sees no indication of it.

That was the central takeaway in his keynote address during the 2019 CCIM Commercial Real Estate Forecast Competition. Dotzour began by describing the incredible growth in jobs and population in Texas. He went on to discuss Opportunity Zones and other tax incentives that will benefit the real estate community, but he did note the curious timing of it. He explained tax cuts are usually put in place to stimulate the economy during a recession. However, the current set of tax cuts were implemented during an expansion, putting the current economic expansion on course to become the longest in U.S. history.

Dotzour notes that some economic analysts point to the speed with which the markets have accelerated, which might indicate that a recession is on the horizon. These models typically point to a market correction—making markets neither too hot nor too cold—as the only possible outcome.

While Dotzour acknowledges tighter financial conditions and a fading fiscal stimulus to be key drivers of deceleration, he does not expect a recession this year. He also jokingly cautioned people not to worry about reports of slowing corporate profits. "You’ll see headlines like this: 'Corporate profits slowing.' But what does that mean? They’re still growing, they’re just growing at a slower rate," Dotzour insisted. "Instead of going up 15 or 16 percent, it’ll only be 8 or 9 percent."

He did describe one of the biggest threats to prolonged prosperity in the United States: we’re experiencing a labor shortage as more and more jobs are created. “Until we resolve the immigration thing and figure out a way to get people to legally work here, it’s going to be a tight labor market,” Dotzour said.

Dr. Mark G. Dotzour is a real estate economist who served for 18 years as Chief Economist of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University in College Station. He has given more than 1,450 presentations to more than 250,000 people and has written over 90 articles for magazines and journals. His research findings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine and Business Week. His clients include banks, private equity firms, real estate investments trusts, construction firms, engineering companies, wealth managers, private foundations, and commercial and residential brokerage firms.

The Baytown-West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation Launches Commercial Gateway Listings Portal

The Baytown-West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation ( has launched a commercial listings portal provided by Commercial Gateway. This service is synced to Commercial Gateway's properties database, and listings are updated in real time. Commercial Gateway offers the Catylist EDCLink tool to economic development groups to help attract businesses to the Texas Gulf Coast region.

The Baytown-West Chambers County Economic Development Foundation was founded in 1986 for the purpose of fostering economic growth. The Foundation serves the area located from the San Jacinto River through Chambers County, Texas.

The Economic Development Foundation is a non-profit corporation with a membership comprised of the following representatives:

  • all units of government in the service area

  • area industrial plant managers

  • financial institutions

  • small businesses

  • special appointees

The Foundation seeks to accomplish its goals by 1) attracting new businesses and industries to the area, 2) working with existing businesses and industries to expand; and 3) working to enhance the capacity of infrastructure and the quality of life.

To view The Foundation's commercial listings portal click here.